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As a professional manufacturer of kitchen textiles from China, we are specialized in various household textiles, tour&hotel textiles and holiday textiles gifts, such as Apron,Oven mitt,Pot holder,Table cloth,Table runner, Curtain and Cushion Covers etc.Our products are selling well and satisfying countless customers worldwide, in particular in North Europe and North Americahttp://www.archeryarrowfieldpoint.com/arrow-
Shanghai Gaipu Elevator Co.,Ltd is located Shanghai City, and covers an area of 50,000 square meters, with annual capacity up to 10000 units. Company has a modern plant and world-class manufacturing equipment, using the most advanced management system, in terms of product quality, from design, manufahttp://www.sgec-elevator.com/
Adjustable draw latch 90703L
Material: steel
Finish: blue zinc plated
Feature: max. load 500 kgs;
keep plate or stainless steel material under choice
Mingyi Light is professional as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of 90703l adjustable draw latch,padlockable over centre fastener, max load 500kgs, erosion- http://www.mingyilock.com/
Silicon alloy silicon calcium Ca28Si60
Calcium silicon alloy
Calcium Silicon alloy is composite alloy which is composed of Si, Ca and Fe. It is a potent deoxidizer and desulfurizer utilized in the production of high grade steels.
It is suitable for warming agent in converter steelmaking plant.
brandChemical composition(%)