Odd Monday series August 27

Added to Calendar: 08-27-18


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Yes, sadly, it’s true. Judith Levy-Sender and Ramon Sender are retiring as organizers of the Odd Mondays community reading series. Judy and Ramon founded Odd Mondays in 2001 and successfully organized readings for 17 years. But, never fear! Odd Mondays will continue under the stewardship of Rick May. Rick has lived in Noe Valley on 21st Street for 28 years and has gone to many an Odd Monday. He also heads the annual literary festival, Word Week, and co-curates the Perfectly Queer monthly reading series with his partner, Wayne Goodman.
Rick’s first Odd Mondays is August 27, “A Celebration of Judy and Ramon and 17 Years of Odd Mondays”, 7pm to 8pm at Folio Books, 3957 in Noe Valley. Admission is free and there’ll be plenty of crackers, cheese, and champagne—the 3 C’s! Judy will tell the history of Odd Mondays to date, and she and Ramon will read from their own work. Come celebrate with them!
Stay tuned at this email address or the Odd Mondays website or through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Rick has a full schedule of authors and speakers coming up this fall.
Email: oddmondaysnoevalley@gmail.com
Website: www.oddmondays.com
Twitter: @OMondays
Instagram: @oddmondaysnoevalley
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