Net Neutrality


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I am re-posting an eMail from Scott Weiner.

In 2015 under President Obama, the Federal Communications Commission enacted regulations to require net neutrality in our country, which protected an open internet and prevented web traffic from being manipulated by internet providers. But these protections were overturned by Donald Trump’s FCC, and now we are in a situation where access to certain websites or applications can be sped up, slowed down, or blocked altogether based on who can pay more money for preferred access. That is not what the internet is about and it is not what our democracy is about.
When the FCC first voted to repeal net neutrality in December 2017, I announced I would be introducing net neutrality protections in California when the legislative session reconvened. The bill I introduced -- Senate Bill 822 -- has been called by CNET “the most comprehensive set of net neutrality protections to date”. Fast Company declared “This California Bill Would Bring Back Net Neutrality with a Vengeance”.
Tom Wheeler, who served as Chair of the FCC under President Obama and authored the 2015 order to establish net neutrality, wrote in a letter with two other former FCC Commissioners:
“SB 822 steps in to protect Californians and their economy by comprehensively restoring the protections put in place in the 2015 net neutrality order”

Scott introducing SB 822 on the first day of the California Legislative session in January
Tomorrow, the Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee will take up SB 822. At its core, SB 822 stands for the basic proposition that the role of internet service providers (ISPs) is to provide neutral access to the internet, not to pick winners and losers by deciding (based on financial payments or otherwise) which websites or applications will be easy or hard to access, which will have fast or slow access, and which will be blocked entirely. For more details on what the bill does, click here.
SB 822 has an incredible coalition of supporters, including:
I also have 14 co-authors on the bill. Even with all this support, the bill is not guaranteed to succeed, even in California. But we will be fighting every step of the way because net neutrality is too important for our residents, our small businesses, and our democracy. Tomorrow we can take a real step towards restoring net neutrality in California.
As always, it is an honor and privilege to serve you in the Senate, and I thank you for your support.