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What survives of history, personal and world, as new history unfolds? How does history remain with us in the present? We will explore this at Odd Mondays' "Surviving the Holocaust" with sociologist R. Ruth Linden and novelists Barbara Ridley and Hilary Zaid Monday, October 15, 7pm at Folio Books San Francisco, 3957 24th St. Free admission and free refreshments. Book signing follows the readings. https://bit.ly/2P4cy7L
Ruth Linden reads and discusses her collection of Holocaust survivor interviews, Making Stories, Making Selves, which challenges readers to "to reexamine the Holocaust in an intensely personal light and to reconsider the meanings of survival in our own time."
Barbara Ridley's novel When It's Over is based on her mother's World War II diaries. She survived the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia, her homeland, and France, her refuge, and escaped a second time to England.
In Hilary Zaid's novel Paper Is White, the protagonist records the memories of Holocaust survivors for posterity but the novel also concerns what it means to be Jewish decades after and what it means to be LBGTQ in a changing society.
In addition, moderator Rick May will read from Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. Nemirovsky did not survive the Holocaust but rather miraculously her manuscript, now a published book, did.