Since the midterm election in Georgia, concern about the validity of of results - can people vote who want to vote and will those votes be accurately counted. Yesterday, June 9, 2020, a primary was held and there seem to be a few problems.

  • In democratic strongholds, a lack of operational voting machines - resulting in actually mile long lines.
  • Elimination or restriction of absent voting.

One newsie identified this as a "dry run" before the election. In my "way back" machine when Ike was president, Civics class taught that the vote was a sacred duty. Civics was a 7th grade thing

Now we have a President who:

  • for 3 1/2 years has operated with no checks and balances
  • has no morality
  • will destroy anyone not doing his bidding
  • He has likely declared bankrupsy more times than ha has ridden public transit
  • Senators who can only say 'yes' and have permitted destruction of the Constitution

Additionally, the courts of several states want to place him on trial for everything from tax evasion to money laundering. If reelected, he will not be available for trial until AFTER the Statute of limitations is past.

I guess they don't teach Civics anymore.