Around Noe Valley

August 27, 2018

Wildlife of Noe Valley

I invite each of you to join in the writing (building) of a comprehensive article on the wildlife of Noe Valley. We have a large variety. Furry (squirls, rats, coyotes, racoons, etc), Worms (all manner of bugs), feathered (everything from hawks to a small bird, maybe an inch long), skin (snakes and even toads.

But the catch is a photo (jpg or gif so it will post).

Children under 13 must have a parent or guardian post for them.

join (or log in). Then select animals of noe valley. Click "post thread", then highlight your selection (include photo), drag it to the message block. Add a title and click "post thread".

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forum and calendar

We have installed a TOP-OF-THE-LINE forum and the associated calendar.

The forum is feature positive. (1)Your input here will be viewable on hand held, tablet or desktop. (2) An entry in the forum may be viewed (in its entirity) in the calendar simply with the calendar add feature. (3) Group features are available (eMail

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